Thursday, February 24, 2011

I prayed for rain... but nearly went ballistic when it came pouring!

In an earlier blog-post I had made mention of my interest in "plunging ...(finger-first)" into the caring waters of Customer Service. This was going to happen in the sweet by and by… I must admit that from the comfort of 2010, the year 2012 seemed way out yonder… somehow, somehow, I figured, I still had time to get my act together... but alas!

Fast forward: A really cosy evening in January 2011... I am relaxed, minding my own business, when suddenly... ring, ring... I answer the call, and it is from someone that knows someone I know (... this ‘Small-World’ phenomenon is just plain wonderful, huh?!).

Request: My availability to facilitate Customer Service training.

Response: Let’s just say, the next two days were marked with uber-activity in the name of preparation: net-surfing, info-gathering, fact-finding… then came sorting, reviewing, editing, consulting… Jo!

Lesson: With every rising sun, answers to prayers are that much closer to unfolding... better be chonjo... in season and out of season!

Results: ‘Glory, glory, hallelujah’ was the melody roaring in my heart when my debut, solo-flight touched the ground three days later... the trainees were still on-board... and alive!

... So, if you see me rocking a trench coat, an umbrella and a pair of gum-boots (ok., that’s a bit of an over-kill) in the hot Nairobi sun, don’t worry about me, I haven’t lost touch with myself. I’m only eagerly awaiting ‘the coming rains” … and, staying in tune with my 2011 mantra: “... Any day now!”