Monday, November 16, 2009

The Interview Finale

... the interview came,
the interview went ...

The oral interview was, to say the least, interesting. The entire Board (there were at least ten-pairs of eyes in the room) was present to interrogate, probe and analyse the stuff their prospective employee was made of.

There were the good cops, and the bad cops;
There were questions that offered me an opportunity to unleash my preparedness;
There were answers that left me thinking, "Silence would have earned me a higher score"
Still, I plodded on courageously!

The eternal optimist in me is sure the gig is mine.
We have so much potential together. We belong together... methinks!

The Committee of Experts looked sufficiently inspired. I expect that they shall make the right decision.

Gotta leave this noisy Cyber Cafe. I'm expecting a call... from you know whom...

Till the next time,

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Post Interview Analysis

Jo! I have just received a killer licking; delivered unrelentingly after the one-hour job interview I have just emerged from. Jo, I have a pressing need to 'detox!"

It was a written interview. The question seemed a bit off, but thankfully, when my fingers hit the keyboard, I was pretty confident that although my brain was delivering the answers in dribs and drabs, I had given a pretty good account of myself... This feeling did not last long. No sooner had my feet carried me out of the building than my brain went into over-drive; delivering a deluge of what would clearly have been the more appropriate responses.

Jo, the self-flagellation (a brand of mob-(in)justice inflicted on self), that has happened between the interview room and the Cybercafe, where I am presently off-loading, has been massive.

Why do things seem clearer afterwards? the morning after? a divorce or separation later? a fight or argument later? an interview later? Grrh!

Enough of this whinning business. I still have a chance to redeem myself. The interview ain't over by a long shot. The oral component will take place over lunch on Thursday. I need to brace myself for that... upto & including working up an appetite. After today's performance that is going to be an uphill task!