Monday, January 14, 2013

The Fattened Pig Bites Back

My life-long engagement with eczema took a new turn this January.  It flared up like I have never seen it!  It’s like it’s on a vengeance-laden mission. Nasty stuff, I tell you!
Given, the whole assault is a tad self-inflicted.  You see, my system has real issues breaking down animal proteins.  So, as sure as night follows day, I will fight the battle of self-control in a time of excess vs a weak-will every January!   

When the Christmas festivities are all over, there is only one casualty left itching... me.  However, the battle is never anything to write home about.  The worst bout has been easily exterminated by a round of anti-histamines, pap! 

This time around though, I'm paying an unprecedented price for my over-indulgence in meaty treats.  Rash and all…. my eczema-ravaged self has determinedly refused to consider the dreadful prospects of a vegan future.

I am beginning to question wahenga wisdom: 'Ukila nguruwe chagua aliyenona'…. really?