Friday, April 9, 2010

Finding My True North

It's been a good many moons since I last made contact with any of you beloved blogites (sounds like some of those warring bible tribes, (Hitites, Amalakites and other –ites…huh?)).

A good many things have happened since that last time... the most major of these changes being settling down north of South. T's been pretty hot-and-cold... finding my feet and bearing. This transition business is oh so not my cuppa tea!

However, there is an upside. I get to experiment with ‘this-and-that’ as I toy around with various possibilities that life presents to me from time to time. One of the highlights has been the opportunity to immerse myself in my pet-project: writing short stories. I have my first works of fiction under my belt, well almost... loving it!

Another of my little self-indulgences (or is it an act of sheer courage) has been signing up to learn French. Moi! I have had a love-hate relationship with the French language for years now... This year, I decided to take this flirtation to the next level, Oui! I am presently stumbling all over my French conjugaisons like a non-sense (if ever there was a totally tired Nairobian expression, this would have to be it!)

I have been involved in some community work too. That has been very insightful. I have learnt truck-loads about us human beings. We really are complex… This place called dunia and the people who live in it have a way of bringing out the best and the worst in all of us… (enough said... lest eh, mmh!)

I also intend to make my fair contribution towards saving the planet. I have decided to sacrificially shed off a few pounds in the name of traveling light through life (both literally and figuratively speaking). Watch this space[:)].

Been busy... so busy that I have opened an idea journal... (with enough luck and action, these ideas may just translate into cash... soon. Then, I will throw a legendary E-bash!).

The Verdict is In

Return of the Jury:

JUDGE: In the matter of Susan (the Plaintiff) vs. Gainful Employment (the Accused), what say ye?

JURY: In the matter of Susan vs. Gainful Employment, we the Jury find the accused NOT GUILTY.

JUDGE'S SENTENCE: This court therefore rules that the Accused is not guilty of either of the charges: namely, suitability for or compatibility with the Plaintiff. Further to this, the plaintiff has been ordered by this court to serve her time in the Unemployment penitentiary until this, or another court repeals this ruling.

… And so, that is how that went down... a less than impressive ruling if you ask me.

Ok., before I start ranting on and on about how blind justice really is, let the record show that with a little hind-sight, I am not entirely oblivious of the fact that part of my testimony and the overwhelming evidence unleashed by the Accused’s Counsel, may have provided the jury some of the rope they used to hang me... grrh!

Yes, that opportunity slipped through the cracks of justice. However, I am hesitant to share the “c’mon, you-should-have-known-better” lessons I learnt at ‘The Trial’ on this blog. Truth be told, that discussion would leave me with more than just a little measure of embarrassment. I would be running the risk of causing permanent and irrevocable damage to my person (kindly allow me to save my e-face). Still, I am the better for it.

I may not have gained the employment opportunity I was in hot pursuit of, but I sure did gain some invaluable lessons.