Saturday, June 2, 2007

Bursted bubbles

When the sun finally set upon the one-month info-packed internship programme, we the interns were ready to be unleashed upon the workplace. I felt like all my ducks were in a row, and that I was ready to plunge into the world of work, head first.

Sure enough, things fell into place quite nicely. The following week, I had three interviews lined up. In fact, my schedule to meet prospective employers was so tight; two of these interviews were scheduled on the same day. Yes, I took it all in my stride and marched into the future with a bit of a spring in my walk... things were coming together quite nicely...

By the end of that week, I spared some time and thought to consider the feelings of the two employers whose hearts I might have to 'devastate' by turning down their job offers. (Laughable!) With great compassion, I drafted a generic “corporate” Dear John letter - in my mind. I was going to let them down… gently.

But alas! By the end of the following week, my prospective employers beat me to it and completely burst my bubble. They sent me not one, not two, but three “Thank you for your interest in our company, but regret to inform you that…” sorry messages. Grrhhh!!

But all was not lost. You see, the prospective employers were gracious enough to point out areas where I was completely out of my depth and their constructive criticisms will help me improve and better prepare for my next interview. (... have I acquired a taste for limonade or what?)

Fellow intern, be fore-armed with a thick skin to survive the interview process and its possible outcomes.

Tip: Your job has your name on it. If you do not succeed to bag the job after the first, second, third… interviews, don't despair! Stop. Breathe. Focus and march on to the next interview... the pot (job)at the end of your rainbow beckons!

Behold, an idea is born!

Breaking News:
It is now official; the ‘Book project’ was born over the weekend.
This news was divulged at the Wits Alumni Club, where the proud parents, the “Fabulous-12”, aka the WoW-2007 interns met to share their joy with the world at a media briefing today.

The '007' family has agreed to nurture to maturity, this publication that will assist in preparing South Africa’s future workforce for the world of work. This noble idea will involve processing the knowledge the interns gleaned at the month-long WoW internship programme through the eyes of an intern and presenting the results in a ‘fresh-graduate’ friendly publication.

This is the first joint venture for the interns, in what they hope will be the dawn of a creative phase in their union. There was boundless enthusiasm at the meeting, as the team fired ideas across the table.

If the proof of the pudding is in the eating, then the proof that these interns are ready for the world of work is in the execution of this idea.

South Africa awaits to receive this pet project – the internship publication by interns and for interns.

Susan Mwangi,
WoW-TV reporting.

A night of song, dance and… some star-struck dudes

Last evening our very own ‘Bulgarian Stallion’ - Valentin treated us (about half a dozen WoW-2007 interns) to a funky night in town. We watched the musical, “The Heart is Round” by the UJ Song and Dance Company at the University of Johannesburg. The story line revolves around people daring to follow their dreams and possibilities in life. There was a good dose of romance, disillusionment, love-found and love-lost. We were also served with a good helping of tragedy, comedy and mysticism. This musical was a buffet for the senses.

The music, the choreography, the circus routines and the overall production of the show were exceptional. It was obvious to me that the students had poured their hearts and energies into the production. I absolutely loved it. (The musical’s refrain, “I am so sorry…” is still playing in my head).

On our way home, we passed via Campus Square, for the ‘post-musical’ analysis over a bite and drink. Well, while there 'Madam Fortuna’, the star of the show, joined our table briefly for a chat… and left some among us quite star-struck (no naming names -as agreed, what happens at Dros stays at Dros)!

This blog-post is my gift (community service) to the 007-WoWers who were missing-in-action, and therefore unable to indulge in the unfolding events of this jolly evening. Big thank you Valentin.