Sunday, October 28, 2012

Of gullible flock and rOGuE shepherds

If there's any thread of truth in the stories relayed on the FM stations, then deception left the closet a while back and is now roaming the streets, bare! A distressed caller’s narration of the goings-on in her life left me hot-and-cold. Apparently, her pastor has been sleeping with her for a whole year in a carnal effort to banish the curse put on her by her grandmother. On the one hand, I have to wonder about the lady. How did she, in the name of Deliverance, fall for a lie so blatant? Is there a biblical precedence (sexorcism?)? OR is she merely expressing our love for 'Quick-fixes'? Her experience warns me that deception is the destiny that awaits us when, in the face of daunting life challenges, we delegate responsibility for our lives and let others think for us. On the other hand, I'm concerned about this pastor's brand of self-serving leadership. When his lies were exposed on National radio, he unapologetically plunged into ‘spiritual rambling',... the kind that gives ‘men of the cloth' a bad name. Should we disrobe (not literally, of course) shepherds cut from cloth so morally thread-bare? Might a spiritual ombudsman rescue us from this love-less service to God and humanity? Oh, how my heart cries out to the Good Shepherd!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Of Open-plan offices and Opaque-value systems

As I stood in line to be served by a City Council officer today, a Kenyan of Asian origin, accompanied by an ‘indigenous’ Kenyan were there too, exploring the possibility of evicting guys who’ve encroached on the former's land. The discussion was moving along just fine until its concluding moments. The officer on duty confidently concluded that the matter could be resolved within hours. However, there was a little ‘dietary matter’ that needed to be handled. He unashamedly, and in my full hearing, served this declaration: "Council officers don’t eat pumpkins, they eat meat". The land owner, in a very matter-of-factly tone of voice, only asked for the numbers. Did I look like I was hard of hearing or slow of understanding that I could not figure out the ensnaring web of corruption that was unfolding right before my eyes? Have we become so shameless and corruption so common-place that it does not matter who hears or knows? Have we eaten all our shame, and have not a shred of shame left? Who will rescue us from this self-devouring menace? Corruption has gone carnivorous (and possibly rabid)! It's acquired a taste for meat and blood. Will anyone survive unscathed by this cannibalistic onslaught we have unleashed upon our greedy selves?