Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Woman of Great Worth

Hold up..... who do you say I am?

Before we go there, 
I have to ask the more pertinent question: 
Who am l?

I look ordinary, 
....dress ordinary,
..... talk ordinary, 
But, beneath this cloak of ordinariness
is a Woman-of-Great-Worth!

I don't always feel like it,
I sometimes look far from it, 
I don't walk the talk often enough,
But, I am not deceived.
Beyond the apparent ordinariness,
is a Woman-of-Great-Worth!

I'm unfolding!
What I have become is now playing catch-up with who I am.
I'm stepping into myself
becoming the full expression of who God created me to be.

So, as I come to,
and take my place,
it gives me great pleasure to introduce me......
Hello world!


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